Tuesday, May 10, 2016


The Guardian has this report on reaction to what has become "the West Point photo." Excerpt:
“I think if there had been a bunch of white boys in their cadet uniforms, or footballers, this would not have been an issue,” said Rachel VanLandingham, a retired air force lieutenant colonel and judge advocate and associate law professor at Southwestern Law School. 
“But because it’s black women …” 
VanLandingham called the investigation “tone deaf”, and added of the academy: “They still do not know how to handle women and minorities in the military.”
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  1. They are making a mountain of a molehill and they have bigger things to worry about in the US military than a picture that doesn't harm anyone.

  2. De minimis non curat lex...again. Or maybe they are suspected of some other political partisanship...:-) http://s1050.photobucket.com/user/KidistPhotos1/media/ObamasFistBlog.jpg.html

  3. I'd much prefer serving with these soldiers than with the Strom-Thurmond lookalikes (Tom Ricks' comparison, not mine) who are prosecuting them. The US Army can lose two wars and still have time for this frivolity?


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