Monday, August 24, 2015

Sindh police recommend 10 cases for military trial

The Sindh police have winnowed down a list of 102 cases to only 10 recommended for trial by military court. One of the cases dates back to an event that occurred over 9 years ago. This article has a brief history:
[A senior] official said military courts were fist established in 1992 on the recommendation of a federal investigation team that was formed back then. The reasons for setting up the military courts back then were the slow progress of trials and threats received by judges.

Some cases were tried in those courts but they ceased to exist after the government was dissolved. 
The military courts were again set up in 1998 on the recommendation of the law enforcement agencies after a series of killings and bomb blasts in Karachi.

It was again noticed that that trials were not speedy enough and judges feared for their lives.

The first case tried in these courts was that of Rafi Bubbly, who faced charges of raping a child. These military courts existed alongside anti-terrorism courts and dealt with most of the cases. In fact, the offence of illegally possessing a Kalashnikov was also tried in a military court.

The murder case of ex-KESC MD Shahid Hamid against Saulat Mirza too was tried in a military court but was transferred to the apex court after the dissolution of the government.

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