Thursday, August 13, 2015

IDF defense counsel report issued

The defense counsel office of the Military Advocate General's Corps of the IDF has issued it annual report. Haaretz's summary appears here. Excerpt:
The report also noted that the Military Advocate General’s Corps has changed its policy regarding gag orders on the names of soldiers suspected of committing crimes against Palestinians during operational activity in the West Bank or Gaza Strip. In the past, such orders were issued routinely, on the presumption that publishing the soldier’s name could endanger him. Under the new rule, however, this presumption isn’t enough; to justify a gag order, a concrete threat against the specific soldier must be demonstrated. 
The military defense attorneys object to this change. The report said they will use “every legal means to prevent publication of the identities of defendants in operational cases, where the reason for barring publication is to protect the safety of the defendant and his family.” 
The report also detailed various changes in MAG policy that stemmed from battles waged by military defenders, including shortened arrest periods and the start of implementation – a mere 13 years after legislation was passed on the issue – of rules requiring Military Police investigations to be video- or audio-taped.

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