Sunday, August 23, 2015

Military courts in Uzbekistan

Bet you've been wondering about military courts in Uzbekistan. Here's what we've found online about the Supreme Court and its subordinate courts, thanks to the GRATA Law Firm's Nodir Yuldashev and Mirzaziz Ruziev:
Military cases. Special military courts are established in all regions of Uzbekistan and subordinated directly to the Military Judicial Board of the Supreme Court. Military courts hear military cases in respect of crimes committed by military officers, officers of the national security service, officers of internal affairs, as well as crimes related to breach of state secrets cases.
This highlights a key issue: jurisdiction is often thought of as personal or subject-matter, but there is a threshold question of whether the force to which an individual belongs is itself subject to military law (think: gendarmeries, border patrols, customs officials). Uzbekistan seems to cast its net broadly in this regard, and also seems to permit the exercise of military jurisdiction in state secrets cases. (The firm's website has a pesky registration requirement, so be prepared for that annoyance.)

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