Tuesday, September 28, 2021

A focused Military Law Review edition

Vol 229(2) from 2021 is focused on Nuremberg.

Fred L. Borch III


Opening Remarks for the Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg

Colonel Sean T. McGarry


The Nuremberg Military Tribunals: A Short History

Fred L. Borch III


German Justice on Trial: The Justice Case

William F. Meinecke Jr.


Individual Criminal Responsibility for War Crimes

Geoffrey S. Corn


“Smoothing Out” the IMT Judgment: The Legal Legacy of the Twelve Subsequent Military Tribunals

Gary D. Solis


Guidelines on Investigating Violations of International Humanitarian Law and Practical Mechanisms for Accountability—Today and Beyond

Andrea Joy Harrison


Nuremburg and the Role(s) of Accountability in the Law of Armed Conflict

Thomas B. Nachbar


The Significance of the Nuremberg International Military Tribunals on the Practice of Military Law

Lieutenant General Charles N. Pede

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