Saturday, January 9, 2021

Some unsolicited advice for the incoming Chief of the Defence Staff …

On 11 January 2021, Admiral Art McDonald will become the 18th Chief of the Defence Staff for the Canadian Forces.  He assumes 'control and administration' of the Canadian Forces during challenging times.  Canada, like the rest of the world, is struggling to come to terms with the global COVID-19 pandemic.  The Canadian Forces are both affected by this pandemic, and have a distinct role to play in Canada's national response.  Confidence in the Code of Service Discipline has been an issue throughout 2020, and it will be tested in a series of joined appeals at the end of January.  And Canada's largest trading partner and close ally, the United States, is experiencing significant political turmoil in advance of what will hopefully be a peaceful transition of political power.

In the midst of these issues, Global Military Justice Reform contributor, Rory Fowler, has offered some unsolicited advice to the incoming Chief of the Defence Staff

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