Friday, January 15, 2021

A call for military justice reform in Mexico

From this article by Ricardo Guzmán Wolffer in La Jornada:
This situation is not minor. The [Code of Military Justice] was designed for a military dedicated to the unique tasks of its condition. Not so today. Not only do they replicate the powers and actions of civil police, they have also fully entered public administration for tasks other than war: they administer customs, review the execution of criminal sanctions, build the new airport and many more. This implies inevitable contractual and labor conflicts. In many cases, these problems can have criminal consequences and will end up in military courts, despite the fact that military crimes focus on a condition of war, or campaign (arts. 57, 325, 332, 337 and others, CJM). Given the lack of training for these tasks unrelated to their original military status, the necessary learning time will lead to legal conflicts of all kinds.

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