Friday, January 15, 2021

Must Ukraine try this general in a military court?

The Kyiv Post has this faacinating article about a case in which a Ukrainian general claims that he should have been tried in a military court rather than a civilian one. Excerpt:
The case has split the society into those who believe that a military person can’t be convicted for his actions by a civil court, and those who support the conviction.
On Jan. 11, sixteen U.S. experts, including several retired generals, former diplomats, and active American scholars, signed a letter “of concern regarding civilian criminalization of combatant commander decisions and its impact on Ukraine.”
The letter asks Ukrainian leadership to ensure that the trial of military officers in matters related to combat is conducted in a military court before a military judge.
The signatories, among whom are NATO’s former Supreme Allied Commanders in Europe General Phillip Breedlove and General Wesley Clark, NATO’s former Deputy Secretary-General Alexander Vershbow and four former U.S. Ambassadors to Ukraine, William Taylor, Roman Popadiuk, Stephen Pifer and John Herbst, have asked for [Viktor] Nazarov’s retrial in front of a military court.

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  1. The statement can be found here:


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