Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Learn how the Army is leading change in criminal justice

Military Justice—Learning and Leading Change in American Criminal Justice (Webinar) Sponsored by the ABA Criminal Justice Section Friday, February 19, 2021 3:00-4:30 pm Eastern
The military justice system has undergone tremendous change over the past twenty years—in many ways attempting to emulate or keep pace with civilian criminal justice. Now, as the American criminal justice system grapples with the complexities of sexual assault prosecutions and the mainstream call for criminal justice reform, particularly in the area of sexual assault prosecutions, appellate review, and protecting the rights of the accused, many of the military justice system’s policies are being recognized and hailed as truly progressive. Join an esteemed panel of military justice experts from the Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps as they delve into the progressive nature of the military justice system and discuss how we are leading change in criminal justice and where we go from here.
Moderator: MAJ Scott Goble, Chief, Strategic Communications, Strategic Initiatives Office, Office of the Judge Advocate General
Ms. Karen Carlisle, Director, Soldier and Family Legal Services, Office of The Judge Advocate General
LTC Adam Kazin, Deputy Chief, Criminal Law Division, Office of The Judge Advocate General
LTC Rebecca Farrell, Chair, Criminal Law Department, The Judge Advocate Generals Legal Center and School
LTC Phil Staten, Chief, Trial Counsel Assistance Program
LTC Angela Swilley, Deputy Chief, Defense Appellate Division

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