Sunday, January 31, 2021

More on pardoning of war criminals

At CAAFlog, * our Scholarship Editor has posted about pardoning war criminals.

The most recent version (Volume 35, Issue 4) of The American University International Law Review includes an article by Stuart Ford, a law professor at the University of Illinois Chicago, entitled: “Has President Trump Committed a War Crime by Pardoning War Criminals?

This [CAAFlog] column has discussed the pardoning of war criminals in the past: Scholarship Saturday: Presidential pardons for convicted wartime murderers. That article focused on the extent to which a President ought to hold tight to a set of time-tested principles when exercising the pardon prerogative. Specifically, we focused on the principles that have traditionally driven clemency decisions: the need to remedy erroneous convictions, to show appropriate deference to those with more knowledge of the accused and the offense, to relieve unintended collateral consequences, to relieve excessive adjudged punishment, and to reduce punishment if the prisoner is reformed.

* At CAAFlog we focus on what is happening, primarily at the appellate level, in U.S. military justice.

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