Thursday, December 22, 2016

New UN website on legal frameworks for deployed contingents

This just in from the UN:
"In order to increase transparency of the United Nations approach to sexual exploitation and abuse, the Office of Military Affairs (Department of Peacekeeping Operations) in collaboration with the Office of the Special Coordinator on improving UN response to sexual exploitation and abuse requested Troop-Contributing Countries (TCCs) to provide the national legal frameworks governing their military contingents while deployed to UN Operations. The purpose of this request was to make these laws accessible to the public through an on-line platform. Of the 124 TCCs, 28 have responded to date and more will follow in 2017."
The web page has been launched today at:
As indicated, 28 Troop Contributing Countries have already submitted framework reports, and these can be found on the DPKO website. Many other TCCs' reports remain to be submitted. When the process is complete, the website will be an important resource for basic information about national military justice systems.

By way of example, here is a link to the Finnish report:

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