Wednesday, December 21, 2016

D-17 for Pakistan's 21st Amendment military courts

Time is running out to extend Pakistan's 21st Amendment military courts, judging by this Daily Times report. Excerpt:
The federal government is silent on the future of military courts established under 21 constitutional amendments. Military courts will cease to exist if the government does not amend the Constitution again. Official sources told Daily Times that it looked like the federal government was not in the mood to extend the time period of military courts. The federal law ministry or defense ministry has not moved any summary to the federal cabinet or the prime minister for extension of military courts. 
*   *   * 
Sources said that two main allies parties of the government Pakhtoon khaw mili awami party and JUI F were not in the favour of extension of military courts, while this time it seemed that the main opposition party Pakistan Peoples Party will also not support the new constitutional amendment that is necessary to extend the military courts. 
On this, the federal government was reluctant to extend these courts because the government did not have a two thirds majority to pass the new constitutional amendment from both houses to extend the military courts. According to the constitution, a two thirds majority is necessary in the Senate and National Assembly to change the constitution.

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