Saturday, December 24, 2016

Military promotions in India

The Quint has posted this informative op-ed about military promotions in India, by Suresh Bangara. Excerpt:
To those who constantly carp on the morale of soldiers due to supersession of an officer at the very pinnacle, it would be instructive to note that the soldier lives with the phenomenon of supersession all his life. 
He looks up to his immediate superior and leader who leads him into battle. So long as he has a good leader he is ready to offer the supreme sacrifice. 
Although, some officers have challenged their supersession in courts of law much against the service ethos, I cannot remember a single instance of their subordinates voicing their concern in an open show of grief. Yet, we have had a chief who challenged the accuracy of his date of birth in order to gain more time in the chair, only to be reprimanded by the highest court of law. That conduct would go down as unofficer-like in that he fought a case for himself and not for the service as a whole or for betterment of his soldiers.

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