Monday, April 11, 2016

Military Justice Review Group: when will the next shoe drop?

Those who have not yet made the deep dive into the daunting December 22, 2015 Report of the Military Justice Review Group (Part I: UCMJ Recommendations) may not have noticed the statement on page 16 that the MJRG's second report -- on the Manual for Courts-Martial -- was submitted to the Defense Department General Counsel on September 21, 2015. Since there is no reference to it on the official website, Part II must still be under review within the Pentagon. Since Part I calls for significant legislative changes and the Obama administration's proposal has not yet been the subject of any (open) hearing in Congress, it may some time before it can be known whether whatever draft Manual changes were submitted to the General Counsel last September will require further work.

Changes to the Manual for Courts-Martial have been made available for public comment prior to promulgation by the President since issuance of the Military Rules of Evidence.

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