Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A strange turn of events in Jamaica

There's a very odd (and disturbing) situation in Jamaica, where the government is resisting efforts by an independent commission to execute a search warrant addressed to the Jamaica Defence Force. Details here, from The Gleaner. Excerpt:
The nation's solicitor general, Nicole Foster-Pusey, is warning that granting the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) a warrant to search the army's Up Park Camp headquarters could shake international confidence in Jamaica. 
The warning came yesterday as the Judicial Review Court began hearing an application by the head of the Jamaican military, Major General Antony Anderson, and the Defence Board to quash a warrant obtained by INDECOM to conduct a search of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) headquarters. 
As part of its investigations into the use of mortars during the May 2010 police-military operation in the west Kingston community of Tivoli Gardens, INDECOM surprised JDF officials with a search warrant last December. 
The warrant was accompanied by seven notices that required JDF personnel to give evidence under oath about the use of mortars. 
The warrant, which was scheduled to be executed on January 12 this year, gave INDECOM investigators the authority to enter Up Park Camp and gain access, make enquiries and inspect documents, records, information and property related to the procurement and use of the explosives during the operation.
Since when can a government agency resist a search warrant? 

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