Wednesday, November 25, 2015

All is not alegria in algeria

Under the UCMJ a retired military person is considered subject to court-martial jurisdiction for acts of misconduct committed on active duty, and a retired officer is subject to certain prosecutions for conduct while retired.

On that note Algeria's News24 reports:
Algeria's former head of counter-terrorism, forcibly retired on the orders of a military judge at the end of 2013 and placed under surveillance, has been arrested.  He will appear in a military court in the country's first trial of a high-ranking officer in the secret services, according to his lawyer.
Abdelkader Ait-Ouarabi - better known as General Hassan - is accused of "destroying documents and disobeying military instructions", Mokrane Ait-Larbi, the lawyer, told AFP news agency on Monday.
There certainly appears more to this, we'll keep our eyes open.  In the meantime this link may give a little more of the back story.

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