Friday, November 20, 2015

Not so fast, Indian Navy women

A two-judge bench of the Supreme Court of India has issued an order staying the Delhi High Court's judgment opening the Indian Navy to women officers on a permanent commission basis. Details here. Excerpt:
"Pending further orders from this Court, we direct that such of the respondents (petitioners before the High Court) as were serving as short service commissioned officers in the Navy as on September 26, 2008, shall be allowed to continue on the terms and conditions applicable to them in that capacity. We further direct that such of the officers out of the respondents (petitioners before the High Court) as may have been released from service after September 26, 2008, upon completion of the short service commissioned tenure, shall be permitted to join back in terms of the order passed by the High Court and continue in service in that capacity," the bench said in its order.

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