Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Naming & shaming

Rembert Bloom, formerly of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has this timely American Society of International Law Insight report on Impunity of Military Peacekeepers: Will the UN Start Naming and Shaming Troop Contributing Countries? His conclusion:
The Secretary-General’s proposal to ensure criminal accountability of military members through a naming and shaming policy, under which unconditional exclusive criminal jurisdiction of TCCs [Troop Contributing Countries] is preserved, seems relatively accommodating to TCCs, especially compared to a measure such as complementary local criminal jurisdiction as provided for under the UNTAG SOFA. However, in view of the C-34’s past resistance to accountability measures, it cannot be readily assumed that it will consider a naming and shaming policy an acceptable compromise.
Peacekeeper discipline is certainly one of 2015's biggest military justice stories. As the year wraps up, what others come to mind? 

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