Saturday, November 7, 2015

Only good news to report from Angola

The deputy military attorney general of Angola has provided this upbeat account of military justice conditions:
The deputy military attorney general gen. Hélder Fernando Pitta Gróz Thursday in Ondjiva, southern Cunene province, considered satisfactory the level of organisation and functioning of the military organs of justice in the region. 
The officer was speaking to journalists at the end of a work[ing] visit he paid to Cunene province. 
The attorney said the evaluation of the functioning of the organs of justice is not worrying, despite some hurdles on the border.
Gen. Pitra Gros added that his trip to the region was also intended for him to release directions to the staff of the military justice organs. 
The officer said he has noted that there are no cases of preventive detention, thanks to the good performance of the military organs of justice and the State pardon. 
Hélder Fernando Pitta Gróz stated that the construction of the military justice facilities in the province will lead to better working conditions for the magistrates.
One wonders what the "hurdles" are on the border. 

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