Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Litigation over draft exemption for Israeli haredim

The latest Israeli conscription legislation is the subject of litigation in the High Court of Justice. The new law effectively exempts ultra-Orthodox men from the draft. According to this account in the Jerusalem Post:
The amendment passed on Monday night postpones the implementation of obligatory enlistment on full-time yeshiva students, which was supposed to come into effect in 2017, until 2020, after which the Defense Minister will have the authority to exempt yeshiva students from military or civilian service if he so wishes, “while bearing in mind” targets established by the government.

Such exemptions can be given until the age of 26 at which point the yeshiva students will receive a final exemption from military service.
The Yesh Atid party and the Union of Israeli Students are the plaintiffs in the case. The exemption of hared students from conscription has been a flashpoint for years. How the litigation will unfold will also be a test of the High Court, which has come under strong politically-inflected criticism recently.

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