Wednesday, April 29, 2015

CAAF educational program

Each year the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces hosts a two day seminar.  It used to be called the Judicial Conference, but now it is the Continuing Legal Education & Training Program.

The program will be held 19-20 May 2015 at Georgetown University Law Center.  Here is a link to the program, and also registration.  For those who require CLE credit, the CAAF fee is cheap CLE.  Virginians come on out--I see a full two hours of ethics credit.

Some may well be aware of the history of "service connection" as it existed in the U.S. The idea being that for there to be military jurisdiction for court-martial there had to be a service-connection for the alleged misconduct.  First there was none, then there was a requirement based on the O'Callahan-Relford duo, and now there is none since Solorio.  With that in mind, the first item on at the CLE&TP is this:
Revival of a Service Connection Test in Canadian Military Legal Practice? Colonel Robin (Rob) F. Holman, Canadian Armed Forces, Deputy Judge Advocate General, Military Justice.

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