Monday, April 20, 2015

Mission creep favored for Pakistan's military courts

Pakistan's new military courts were authorized in the wake of the horrific mass murder at the Peshawar Army Public School late last year. The goal was to get at terrorism, which the civilians courts were said to have failed at addressing. Now calls have emerged to expand the new courts' jurisdiction. The Express Tribune last week reported this gem of mission creep:
The cases pertaining to the Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC) employees multi-purpose cooperative housing society should be transferred to military courts and the authorities of the military courts should be extended, said a press release issued by the PIDC on Wednesday. Cases of corruption, fabrication and land grabbing should be transferred to the military courts and honest judges be appointed. Officials involved in the verification of fake lease should also be removed, said the press release. It further demanded that strict action should be taken against the administrator who opened a new account in the Avari Towers branch of National Bank and withdrew Rs10 million from the PIDC employees society fund.
Corruption, fabrication and land grabbing as terrorism?

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  1. We all members of PIDC Multipurpose Cooperative Housing Society feel that
    "Corruption, fabrication and land grabbing as terrorism" In this view our society
    case should be transferred to military courts and the authorities of the military courts
    for faster relief and punishment to group of Black Sheep in PAKISTAN.
    We all members also very thanks full to NAB who seriously considering our case.
    All genuine member of PIDC EMCHSL strongly condemning fake member list.

    Abdul Aleem Khan
    Membership # 1241


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