Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The new deal with FARC

Sen. Thania Vega
The revised peace agreement with FARC is coming under criticism:
Senator Thania Vega, of the Centro Democrático party and who is the wife of Colonel Alfonso Plazas Vega, spoke in an interview with the Colombian daily El Tiempo about the military’s concerns about the new government-FARC agreement that Congress will seek to approve this week. 
The senator affirms that the new text which was agreed upon after the renegotiation between the government and the FARC in essence remains the same, and has even generated more concerns since it allows for the possibility of opening new investigations into the military. Under the current text officers could be held legally responsible for the actions of their subordinates and the military has also made allegations of unfairness and impartiality in the process for selecting judges for the trials in question, suggesting that military officers would be at a disadvantage in legal proceedings.
PanAm Post's full report can be found here

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