Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Class action lawsuit against the Canadian military claiming systemic gender and sexual orientation-based discrimination

According to a proposed Class Action suit filed in the Nova Scotia Supreme Court, the Canadian Armed Forces is rife with sexual misconduct and harassment of women. Counsel for the plaintiff notes: "Sexual misconduct and harassment is a deep-rooted problem in [the] Canadian military culture.. . . This frequent misconduct is part of a troubling and deeply embedded culture that female members have been forced to endure. It’s time to step back, acknowledge how wrong it is, and take a stand against it".
The claim alleges that the Attorney General of Canada is vicariously liable for the alleged sexual misconduct. 

In another report, an Armed Forces captain tells of her history of sexual assaults which commences during her basic recruit training.  She has to relive the same treatment four years ago when again she was assaulted. This time she stepped forward reporting the assault to the authorities.

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