Thursday, November 3, 2016

Starry, starry night

It was a dark and stormy night. Nah, too trite. Start again.

It was a cold night [that's better], and the IDF was rounding up AWOL soldiers. Excerpt from this report in Haaretz:
The Israeli military conducted an operation to round up absent-without-leave soldiers without providing sufficient housing, leaving the soldiers overnight in a prison yard while they waited to be processed without having proper sleeping conditions. 
The army arrested hundreds of draft dodgers and deserters. While military prisons and courts were warned to prepare to receive many soldiers, Prison 4 in Tzrifin did not have enough space for all who arrived. Some of the soldiers were forced to wait in a courtyard and fell asleep on the pavement. Dozens of soldiers complained that they suffered from intense cold and did not receive sleeping bags.
Defense counsel have protested the lack of preparation.
The defender’s office noted that the operation was planned in advance, “and there was sufficient time to prepare for it,” adding that it expected “military enforcement figures to prepare accordingly and not reach a situation in which the soldiers’ basic rights and right to respect are violated.”

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