Monday, February 8, 2016

Transparency in military justice

An IDF officer serving on the West Bank is under investigation for corruption, according to this report. A gag order had been in place and has only partly been lifted, following litigation initiated by a website. Excerpt:
The Jaffa Military Court’s partial lifting of the gag order comes after the Ynet petitioned the court to have the details of the case released. 
Representing the website, attorney Shira Brik-Haimovich argued there was no justification for the army keeping the details hidden from the public, especially given that the investigation is in an advanced stage. 
Military prosecutors requested that the case remain under gag order, and said army officials were reviewing the details of the investigation to determine if they posed a threat to national security. 
“At the time of the officer’s arrest, the unit’s senior commanders met and strongly expressed condemnation of the allegations, which are inconsistent with the values of the IDF and the unit,” military officials told Ynet.
Should military justice investigations of senior personnel be secret? If not, how much information should be released -- and when?

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