Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Veterans' pushback in response to Supreme Court's decision in India

The Supreme Court of India's recent ruling that the various High Courts cannot review decisions of the Armed Force Tribunal (AFT) has sparked consternation among affected interest groups. This article from The Times of India explains:
Several armed forces welfare organizations have approached the central government to amendment the AFT Act to negate the impact of the verdict. According to them, most complaints are against the ministry of defence (MOD) and given that AFTs are an organ of the MOD, there should be a separate body to challenge orders.

Bhimsen Sehgal, chairman of All India Ex-serviceman welfare association, argues that the right of judicial remedy should not be snatched away from defence personnel. He has submitted a representation to the defence minister, requesting him to either have the AFT Act amended, make room for appeal after AFT orders or set aside the AFTs altogether.

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