Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Espionage and unlawful command influence in Peru

Defense Minister Pedro Cateriano
Readers may already know there is a case brewing right now in which Peruvian officers are suspected of having spied for Chile. One report quotes the Peruvian Defense Minister in a way that smacks of unlawful command influence:
“We urge the military justice system to act swiftly and if it finds them responsible to apply the maximum penalty,” said [Defense Minister Pedro] Cateriano in a press statement.
(Emphasis added.) Another report (from Andina) provides additional quotations:
Cateriano demanded a “final and severe” sanction for Navy personnel involved, if liabilities are proved.
“This is a condemnable act. It is shameful that non-commissioned officers of the Armed Forces may have contributed to this kind of information leak […] We urge the Military Justice to act fast. If [corresponding] liabilities are proved, it must impose effective penalties with the utmost severity,” he told.
During a press conference, Minister Cateriano added this administration demands "firmness," and a pure and “fair” “application of law.”

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