Thursday, November 6, 2014

Quorum requirement delays Uganda trial for the fourth time

Brig. Michael Ondoga, UPDF (right)
The trial of Ugandan Brigadier Michael Ondoga has been postponed for the fourth time because the court-martial was unable to assemble a quorum. Details here.
Brig. Ondoga, the former commander of the Ugandan troop contingent serving under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), is being accused of mismanaging logistics.
The prosecution led by Capt. Fredrick Kangwamu told court chaired by Maj Gen. Levi Karuhanga that they could not continue with the trial because of a technical hitch, saying “the court is not fully constituted”.
The court, he said, was supposed to have eight members including the chairman but this time round it had one less which deters the trial of an offence of a capital nature.
Ondoga faces service offences that reportedly resulted into loss of lives and army equipment, diversion of fuel, loss of troop morale and feeding soldiers on food rations and consumption of dirty water in war-torn Somalia.

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