Thursday, November 6, 2014

Honor code considered for Philippine soldiers

Ex-PMA Cadet Jeff Cudia
The Armed Forces of the Philippines are considering establishing an honor code, along the lines of the one application to Philippine Military Academy cadets, for enlisted soldiers. According to this press account:
Col. Monico Batle, PMA assistant commandant of cadets, said the Defense Planning Guidance mechanism that is facilitating an AFP Transformation Plan has considered applying a military honor system on enlisted personnel, including soldiers who did not undergo PMA leadership training.
The PMA website said cadets, through the honor system, bind themselves to the Honor Code, which states: “We, the cadets, do not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate among us those who do so.”
Batle said it would not be an easy task to require the average soldier to follow a code that frowns upon lying, and which requires him to report anyone he suspects of having lied or who has stolen from the government.
“But it is not impossible,” he said.
Batle said AFP planning officers were looking for the best way to enforce an honor code, which is followed not just by the PMA, but by other military training facilities in the country.
The PMA honor code figured in the disenrollment of Cadet Jeff Cudia, whose case has been taken to the Supreme Court. Expedited consideration has been requested.

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