Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Proposal to abolish military justice in Brazilian state

An article on reports that a member of the state legislature of Rio Grande do Sul has proposed abolition of the state's military justice system (rough Google translation):
The Committee on the Constitution and Justice of the Legislative Assembly held a public hearing on Tuesday ([July] 15) in Piratini Palace in Porto Alegre, to discuss the PEC 222/2011, proposing the termination of Military Justice of the State of Rio Grande do Sul.
The proposed constitutional amendment was drafted by Deputy Raul Pont (PT). According to him, the budget of the military justice system is more than R31 million. The view of the deputy is there no need for a court specifically to try crimes committed by military police and that those resources could be applied to expansion, training and modernization of the military brigade. Audience participation included Military Court President Sérgio Brum, Judge João Barcelo de Souza Júnior, prosecutor Hamilton Freitas, and president of the Association of Judges of Rio Grande do Sul (AJURIS) Eugênio Terra, among other officials.

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