Monday, August 28, 2023

A Tip of the Hat to Admiral Kessi Kouamé, for his remarkable and exceptional contribution to Côte d’Ivoire's civil society and military justice

This past January 20323, Admiral Bernard Kessi Kouamé retired from the armed forces of Côte d’Ivoire in his capacity as Military Prosecutor. In an interview published in August 2023 by PRATMAT-INFO, Admiral Koamé speaks openly about his 23-year military service particularly in his role as military prosecutor before the Military Tribunal of Abidjan. He notes, inter alia,During those 23 years, I was never pressured. Military law requires me to report to the Minister of Defence and the Minister of Security. So sometimes I report to them and wait for their instructions on some very sensitive issues. Otherwise, I was not pressured in the performance of my duties.” 

LINK:  Amiral Ange Bernard Kessi Kouamé (Procureur militaire à la retraite) : « Le procès du général Guéi a été un challenge pour moi » (interview exclusive) | FratMat

Admiral  Kouamé went on to speak about his role in the trial of General Guéi’s presumed assassins: “The trial, from the investigation to the end, was a challenge for me. A challenge because you had to judge generals, then you had to be precise to make sure you were not wrong.” 

Admiral Kouamé is also known  and respected for his important and generous civil contribution: “ Every month, I set aside 300,000 francs. . .  .half of my bonus as a military magistrate . . .   These are savings  . . .that can be made to redistribute to our population, and that's what I did. . . .to help the population with little. Look, one day students from the modern high school of Arrah came to see me to be their godfather and they presented me with a quote of 4 million. I told them that if I have money, it is to make sustainable works, I will built eight for the modern high school of Arrah, four for girls and four for boys.”

Admiral Kouamé is also the author of several books including:  "The impact of court decisions on human resources management in the armed forces of Côte d'Ivoire". 

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