Thursday, September 29, 2022

Espionage charged

How about a little espionage for lunch today, and to make it more interesting, allegedly by someone in Army green? An Army major at Ft. Bragg was just indicted (along with his civilian wife, both doctors) on eight criminal counts involving attempting to pass on federally protected medical information dealing with Ft. Bragg patients to someone they thought worked at the Russian Embassy (actually an FBI undercover agent). Furthermore, they allegedly tried to share "information about U.S. medical capabilities in war conditions" to the Russians. 

Note the forum:  the Army could have initiated court-martial proceedings against the Army major, given his military status and the expansiveness of the military penal code. But efficiency supports utilizing the Article III federal forum for both (given the two defendants, one civilian). And frankly, so does merit and professionalism of the systems -- it is smart to go with the DOJ A-team regarding accountability for these serious allegations, and leave the dysfunctional military justice system to continue trying to fix its racially disparate prosecutions and improve its bungling of sexual assault and other cases.

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