Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Annals of military law practice

What's it like representing Russian soldiers during the Russo-Ukrainian War? Consider this article from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Excerpt:

"The number of requests has increased. A lot of legal-service agreements have been concluded. Now I receive about 20 to 30 messages a day, of which about five to 10 go into consultations. We conclude a legal-service agreement once or twice a day. This is not counting consultations and simple correspondence. There is also a lot of such communication. If the issue is simple, I try to consult for free, if possible," he says.

Complaints about compensation for injuries not being paid are now the most common.

"I tell the military member: You have a difficult case. There are no medical documents. Let's go to court, and through the court and medical examination let's prove that there was some kind of diagnosis, [that] the injury was from the 'special operation,'" [Maksim] Grebenyuk says. "Now there are a lot more military personnel and their families with such complaints."

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