Sunday, November 22, 2020

A sad update to the Australia war crime allegations

The Mail reports that,

Nine Australian soldiers have taken their own lives in just three weeks amid the release of a damning report into alleged war crimes in Afghanistan.

The four-year inquiry uncovered a 'shameful record' of unlawful killings which took place outside the 'heat of battle'.

A redacted version of the report was released on Thursday after weeks of discussion about its contents, and sparked fierce global condemnation.It is believed the stress of the inquiry - which uncovered evidence of 39 murders by Australian Special Forces - played a part in some of their suicides.

'I think some of the media [reports of alleged war crimes] has been painting everyone with the same brush and people seem to have forgotten about innocence until proven guilty – and that adds additional stress,' ex-infantry soldier and veterans' mental health advocate Neil 'Wally' Wallace told The Advertiser.

There is no suggestion the nine late ADF members had anything to do with the alleged war crimes documented in the report.

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