Monday, September 21, 2020

Kulbhushan Jadhav's case -- the sparring continues

Okay, we're going to dispense with links on this. You remember Mr. Jadhav. He's the Indian national sentenced to death for espionage by a secret Pakistani military court. India was denied consular access and the International Court of Justice told Pakistan it had to offer him meaningful judicial review. Pakistani authorities then promulgated an ordinance to achieve that, although it seems to have been done in a way that thwarted review by the legislature. That kerfuffle presumably over, the tussling has gone on for weeks as to who will represent Mr. Jadhav in proceedings in the High Court. Pakistan will not allow an Indian attorney -- even one who is qualified as a QC in the UK -- to appear. From here in the glass-enclosed newsroom high above Global Military Justice Reform Plaza, it also seems that Pakistani lawyers are not exactly lining up to represent him. This is not a surprise given how radioactive the case is and the danger that whoever represents him may be sailing in harm's way. Stay tuned.

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