Thursday, September 10, 2020

For your military justice bookshelf

Jocelyn C. Stewart has a new book that practitioners will want to have handy. It's Shaping the Battlefield: How to Draft Motions in Military Practice. The book "dares you to step away from the 'shared drive' and instead to take a fresh approach with each motion for every case. Jocelyn has dissected her own process and is providing the insight that she derived for your benefit in the form of this book."

According to her law firm website:
What you’ll discover from this book…
  • How To Avoid Temptation When Drafting Your Motion
  • How To Identify Your Remedy
  • When To Consider Multiple Prayers Of Relief
  • Why Facts Are Important
  • Research Methods
  • Systemic Approach To Legal Analysis
  • Procedural Motions Versus Non-Procedural Motions
and much more. 
Often, the most meaningful and effective defense motions are never litigated, but those motions leverage advantage from the government without litigation.

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