Sunday, June 7, 2020

Nine months?

The Supreme Court of Spain has affirmed the case of a member of Spain's Guardia Civil who was sentenced to nine months' confinement for having argued with his superior over whether an alleged pollution incident should be investigated. According to this report in El País:
Unless the court suspends the execution of the sentence, the convicted person will have to enter the military prison of Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) for nine months. The Unified Association of the Civil Guard (AUGC) has denounced the application of the Military Penal Code to punish the conduct of an agent in the performance of strictly police functions.

In 2007, a reform was approved that limited the application of the military code to the Civil Guard to strictly military missions, but a 2016 counter-reform once again extended its application to all situations, even when not on duty. For AUGC, it is "abusive, arbitrary and unfair that a public servant could end up behind bars for a labor dispute." . . . .

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