Thursday, August 3, 2017

Trouble in the Urals?

Watch this TASS story:
Rumors of a massive drunken brawl involving melee weapons that were allegedly used at a military unit of the Central Military District in the Urals do not jibe with reality, the military district’s press service said in a news release. 
Earlier, the online resource reported that there had been a gigantic fight in Yelan, in the Sverdlovsk Region, involving more than 150 men. According to the information, the participants in the incident were intoxicated and used knives and shanks. The source claimed that 14 military servicemen were injured in the fray. 
"On August 2, there was a routine household quarrel between contract servicemen at a training center of the Central Military district that escalated into a fist-fight. Several servicemen and a junior officer who intervened to stop the fracas suffered light injuries and bruises," the press service said. 
"All military personnel underwent a medical exam that same day. No instances of alcohol abuse in the training center were identified. Rumors that cold steel objects were used in the clash is a complete lie," the military district said.
The command of the Central Military District and law enforcement agencies are pushing ahead with an investigation. 
"All officials accountable will be brought to justice," the military district warned.

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