Friday, August 11, 2017

Algeria amends its Code of Military Justice

On August 10, 2017, the TSA Algeria reports that The People’s National Assembly (Lower Chamber) of Algeria is currently in the process of amending the Code of Military Justice which governs the People National Army (ANP), the Algerian National Navy (MRA) and the Algerian Air Force (QJJ) plus the Territorial Air Defence Forces. The principal amendments include the following:
1. The jurisdiction of military tribunals will be expanded to include the trial of civilians who work in the Defence sector.
2. The jurisdiction of military police office will also be expanded to become peace officers.
3.  Each of the six territorial division will now house a Military Court of Appeal
4. The bench for Military Court of Appeal tribunal will now be composed of five members. This includes the President (a civilian); two military judges; and, two military members of the same rank as the accused. ("military assesseurs")
As an aside, there are approximately 147,00  persons serving in the Algerian Regular Force, 187,000 in the Reserves and close to 187,000 in paramilitary organizations.  Algeria has compulsory military service for men aged 19-30 for a total of 12 months. Their military expenditures is approximately 4 % of the GDP.

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