Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tribunal strikes down nepotism in the Indian Navy

In an important decision, the Armed Forces Tribunal has fined a Vice Admiral of the Indian Navy for rendering beneficial Appraisal Reports on his own son-in-law who was serving under him, and also not disclosing to the organization this conflict of interest.

The Armed Forces Tribunal has reached a conclusion that not only did the Vice Admiral inflate the reports of his son-in-law but he also negatively played with the careers of his son-in-law’s peers who were in competition with him for the next rank.

The Tribunal has imposed costs of Rupees Half Million on the Admiral.

The Tribunal has also directed the Navy to have a policy in place on the lines of the Army and the Air Force to avoid such cases of nepotism in the future.

A detailed report in The Indian Express can be accessed here.

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