Monday, July 4, 2016

Military personnel in the Zimbabwean civilian prosecuting authority

A controversy has erupted in Zimbabwe over the role of Defence Force personnel in the National Prosecuting Authority. Details here. Excerpts:
The National Prosecuting Authority will continue enjoying the services of military officers and other seconded members of the uniformed forces until Treasury approves the recruitment of civilians. 
Responding to media reports insinuating that the presence of the uniformed forces in the administration of the authority was creating chaos, NPA said the seconded officers had played a crucial role in establishing and reorganising the institution.
* * *

According to the Press statement, an attack on the few military officers seconded to the NPA was spiteful and a disguised attack on the ZDF. 
"It is very malicious for anyone to pick on the three military officers as if their presence at NPA was outside the authority of the parent ministry. ZDF is not the only security service arm at the NPA. 
"This is tantamount to attacking the Defence Forces as an institution rather than individuals, given the circumstances," reads the statement.

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