Friday, June 24, 2016

Class action coming against SANDF

Soldiers who were suspended for years by the South African National Defence Force are going to court for, among other things, career injury. Details here. Excerpt:
Barely a month after the chief of the defence force, General Solly Shoke, recalled 509 soldiers he had placed on special leave for marching to the Union Buildings in 2009, they are planning to claim millions of rands in a class action. 
Although they sat at home with full pay for six years and were returned to work three weeks ago, two of these soldiers submitted papers to the North Gauteng High Court in order to set up the class action against their boss. 
The first step of approval from the court would be to hear the soldiers’ claims in one class action.
In justifying the reasons for the class action against the defence force, the South African National Defence Union is blaming the military for having squandered at least R560 million on potential salaries and benefits for the soldiers, who were at home during their suspension. The trial was subsequently abandoned. 
The union believes it would cost the military a lot more if the class action is successful. 
The soldiers want to claim for the “potential” damages they have suffered due to not being able to further their careers or attend advancement courses throughout the period of their suspension.
Sounds like a tough case if the soldiers were being paid during their suspension from duty. 

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