Monday, October 26, 2015

Stay away from this demonstration?

The Daily Mail, which has been closely covering (i.e., stoking) the controversy over the case of Sergeant Alexander Blackman of the Royal Marines, reports here that serving personnel have been told not to participate in a demonstration in support of the convicted noncom. Excerpt:
Servicemen have been banned from joining a rally for a Marine jailed for killing a Taliban fighter in the heat of battle. 
More than 1,300 supporters are expected to gather in Westminster tomorrow to demand justice for Alexander Blackman. 
But top brass warn of disciplinary action against any troops caught attending the ‘political’ event. 
‘This is pure cowardice from the MoD,’ said a serviceman last night. ‘They have tried to sweep the case under the carpet from the word go.’ 
Sergeant Blackman, 41, was convicted two years ago of killing a Taliban fatally wounded attacking a British base in Afghanistan. 
He admits making a split-second mistake on a ‘tour from hell’ that saw comrades tortured and their body parts hung from trees. But he believes his court martial was a cover-up for commanders’ failings. 
John Davies, a former Marine helping organise tomorrow’s event, said serving personnel had confirmed an MoD ban was in place.
What if they attend out of uniform?

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