Friday, December 5, 2014

Terrorism law passes in Cameroon: military court to be used

Cameroon has passed a new terrorism law, including provision for a military trial court. Details here from News du Camer:
The military court is the most appropriate place to deal with issues of terrorism. Indeed, it is that court which deals with assaults involving automatic weapons, weapons of war and other means capable of killing on a large scale. It is about avoiding miscarriages of justice that a traditional civil court may commit. "I want to raise an ambiguity," the Minister of Justice said at the beginning of his speech. "The military court is a specialized court, but not a special court." In other words, as he quickly explained, it uses the same code of criminal procedure as the civil courts, and the judges are from the Judicial Section of the ENAM [National School of Administration and Magistracy].
. . . [E]ven for acts of terrorism, appeals are possible. At the first court of appeal there are two civilian judges and one military judge. At the Supreme Court all of the judges are civilians. [Rough Google translation]

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