Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Pakistan parties agree on two years of military courts for quick trials

After an 11-hour meeting, Pakistani political leaders have resolved to amend the Constitution to permit military courts to try civilian militants for a two-year period. According to this report:
"[The] Sharif Government wanted to set up military courts for speedy trial[s] as [the] traditional justice system is corrupt and slow and has failed to deliver."
One wonders why fixing the civilian courts was not an obvious and preferable solution. Pakistan earns a George III prize for this retrograde move.

Postscript that should disturb American readers: Here's an excerpt from a pt article that details the discussions and negotiations:
During the meeting, PML-Q Secretary-General Mushahid Hussain Sayed told the premier that his party would stand behind him. “Mr Prime Minister, establish military courts. It is time to act. The US (government) also established these courts,” the source quoted Hussain as saying. [Emphasis added.]

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