Monday, August 18, 2014

Sex assault prevalent in Canadian military; survey indicates 1 female in 13 is sexually assaulted

Statistics Canada surveyed 6,700 full-time CF members between April and August of 2013. The survey was part of the greater Canadian Forces Mental Health Survey, which also looked at mental health and alcohol use. Of the women surveyed, 7.6% of women reported experiencing sexual assault while deployed on operation or in garrison by another member or a civilian defence employee. Also, 15.6% of women surveyed reported experiencing sexual assault or unwanted sexual touching.

In an interview aired by CTV News on August 15, 2014, Professor Michel Drapeau argues that jurisdiction for the investigation and prosecution of sexual crimes in the military should revert back to the jurisdiction of civilian courts. A situation which existed until 1998 when section 70 of the National Defence Act was abruptly amended without any debate in Parliament. All sexual assault crimes in our military should be independently investigated and prosecuted by civilian tribunals.

See video - High number of military sex assault; Statistics Canada data says 1 in 13 women assaulted

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