Saturday, August 9, 2014

A not-so-novel punishment

Indian Navy Ministry of Defence, Govt of India
There was a time that a U.S. naval officer sentenced at court-martial could be adjudged a ‘loss of numbers.’  The officer was lowered on the lineal list of officers eligible for senority, promotion, and retention.  Such a punishment no longer exists under the UCMJ.

It appears however it is still an available punishment in the Indian Navy.  IBNLive tells us that a commander has been reduced in seniority by 18 months.  The officer was court-martialed for sexually harassing a junior officer.

An item that would lead to an outcry by political leaders in the U.S. is what appears to be a recoupment action against the victim.  It appears the misconduct lead to her leaving the service early.  The Navy now wants recoupment for the cost of her training.  In the U.S., recoupment is usually reserved for situations where a person leaves the service due to their own misconduct.

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