Thursday, August 21, 2014

Governor Jerry Brown signs military justice reform measure

Gov. Jerry Brown
California governor Jerry Brown today signed into law a bill that reforms state military justice to require that sex offenses be investigated and prosecuted by civilian authorities. According to this article in SFGate:
Sexual assault cases involving active-duty members of the state military are already typically handled in local civilian courts, as the California Military Department isn't equipped to pursue the cases. The new law codifies that practice starting in 2015, and is envisioned as a trend-setter.
"We know that the debate in Washington D.C. and the efforts in the nation's capital have been difficult for those trying to separate the investigation and prosecution of sexual assault cases from the chain of command in the military," said Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima), who authored the bill.
"California can be the first state in the nation to do so and it is my hope that we set an example not just for other states, but build enough momentum into achieving this at a federal level."

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  1. Not surprisingly, California will also now become a sort of a trendsetter in military justice issues. Bravissimo to California governor Jerry Brown. To paraphrase a well-know American expression: this is “One small step for military justice, one giant step for justice and fairness to victims of sexual assault.”


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