Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Military justice reform in Taiwan (pt. 2)

Chen Pi-e (Mother Huang)
The China Post has run the second installment of its follow-up on military justice reform in Taiwan. As the latest report indicates, it hasn't been without controversy.

"[S]ome critics said civilian courts could hand out more lenient sentences to military personnel who are found guilty in comparison with their military counterparts, as was the case with the recent ruling when a Taoyuan court gave relatively light sentences to all suspects accused of responsibility in [Corporal] Hung [Chung-chiu]'s death," but "the tragic death of Hung has given a glimmer of hope for those who wish the Taiwan military to become more transparent."

Above left, Chen Pi-e, who in 1997 founded the Association for the Promotion of Human Rights in the Military. Known as Mother Huang, she became involved in reform efforts after her son, Huang Kuo-chang, a navy conscript, died under mysterious circumstances in 1995.

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